There are two ways that currently other people can share apgs programs without using applets and without using their own server but using this wiki

first, once they are members of the wiki they can upload .sl files which will automatically have the extenson .sl (unlike the google coding that was a problem). Next they can either use "Open from Web Feature"

To start the program do the following:

1. Copy the following link

2. In APGS go to File Open from Web

3. Paste the link and <enter>

Another method is that they press on the link below,

File Not Found
File Not Found

save it and then run it from APGS. Currently the first method is easier and always works. However I assume that we will soon figure out how to run automatically .sl files like geogebra manages to do).

This will probably also solve the problem of getting ".sl linked" urls to run from the internal web browser

This does not solve the problem of attaching .png files to saved programs which may be solved in applets? allowing to use external URL's for the imagefile command could solve the problem though and it may or may not be a very easy fix (I think we had it at a certain point)